Current projects for this space :

  • review/redesign of audio player
  • CSS backgrounds textures and tiling
  • CSS gradients

Other projects

  • video player implementation
  • review/redesign image gallery
  • review/redesign CSS keyframe animation

this my ongoing workspace

sometimes it will look like nothing at all

notes to myself
heh heh
heh heh
heh heh
heh heh


Alla Ousette.mp4 (vocoder exercise)
text from: "Songs of the Troubadors"
by Bernart de Ventadorn (12th cent.)

original sample loop. testing to see how
text fills this space. . .

NOTES: jPlayer demo. source code:

The circle implementation of jPlayer is more difficult to deploy . . .each object must be absolutely placed. The player seems to hijack what ever div it is put in- making boxing and moving it on the page much more difficult . . the solution is below- absolute positioning for all elements within a relative div.

Background styling on this page thru ZenBG ( Transparent box CSS found at dev.opera

compress audio for jPlayer with Compressor: quicktime, fast-streaming. 256kbps. change file type to "m4a". ogg via Mediahuman Converter

testing testing
here is some text, curious to see how this fills the void